Mrs. Patterson's Class


A Little Bit About Me:

I've lived in Tucson for over 29 years. I went to Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and History. I also have a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership/School Administration. I've taught both First Grade and Kindergarten. When I'm not teaching, I love to spend time with my family. I like to run, play soccer, ski, snowboard, golf, and anything else that involves having fun outside. 

I am so happy to be able to share this wonderful educational journey with you and your child. Please feel free to come by the classroom anytime to see the exciting things we are doing. I want to be there for you and your child in any way that I can. If you ever have any questions, please e-mail me at: [email protected] or call our class at: 520-232-7400

Our Daily Schedule (Click on the orange words to open a new page and see explanations.) : 

¨We begin the day with the students entering the room quietly while retiring their backpacks.

¨We complete our calendar activities.

¨We practice our “Zoo Phonics” sounds and sing the song.

¨Students begin their “Morning Message”, which is posted on the board (daily writing assignment).

¨Next we begin our reading series/language arts work, which is orchestrated by the company Harcourt, Scholastic, and Benchmark Advance.

-We go to break at around 10:20.

-We complete our Phonics lessons and Read Aloud activities that include, concept vocabulary, picture details, questions for research and other reading comprehension skills. 

¨Lunch Time: 11:15

-We curriculate through centers after Lunch. We usually have a reading center, a listening to reading center, a writing center, a word work/letter work center, a read to self center, a read to a partner center and a writing center.

¨Math lessons- We use the Engage NY Curriculum and various other curriculums (to make sure that we cover all of the State/National/District Standards).

¨My main science lessons are taught in the afternoons or in small group centers in the morning. TUSD utilizes curriculum materials from the  FOSS, GEMS,  and INSIGHT curriculums. We complete a lot of science activities that are outside of the FOSS curriculum umbrella as well.

-We are also using KIBO. A robotics program (made specifically for K-2 students) where we use robotics to study computer programming. The students become engineers that use computer programs to do experiments and play games. 

Kindergarteners learn about

¨Liquid Explorations (GEMS)

¨Fabrics (FOSS)

¨Balls and Ramps (INSIGHTS)

I also use Scholastic News readers that teach a variety of science cencepts that are not covered in our science kit. Students listen to these in our Listening Center and they complete supplemental materials.


¨Social Studies activities are also taught in the afternoon and in the morning through our Language Arts Curriculum. I teach from various teacher bought books. Some of my instruction comes from Scholastic News Readers/"Let's Find Out". I utilize them to teach current events and history.

¨Closing: We review the day, put away our belongings, and get ready to line up.

Math Series

Sam Hughes uses the Math Series Engage New York. It uses manipulatives and games to teach mathematical concepts that are geared towards the District Standards.  I also supplement other math materials from a variety of other Math Programs.

Stars/Behavior Plan:

Your child will come home with a star everyday. Please look out for the star and reward them if they receive a yellow star. If they receive another color, talk to them about how their day was. I always give out a star or a red note. The progression is as follows: yellow (best color), green, blue, purple, red (note home). I want you to know how your child is doing (daily). Your child will also get a hole punch at the end of the day, if they receive a yellow star. This mark goes on their desk chart. They get to go to the treasure box once they get that months designated amount of hole punches (usually 6/7).

P.E. time/day: Friday, 8:45-10:15

Computers: We use the Pearson SuccessMaker/Imagine Learning Programs for Math/Reading intervention and enrichment. We have 2 rotating classroom sets of iPads that we will be using. We also have 4 desktop computers in the classroom that the students will use throughout the day. We have a classroom set of laptop computers for the students that we can access at any time. We also have 6  tablets for enrichment and intervention that we will use daily. 

Library time/day: TBA

Chess time/day: Friday 8:45-10:15 

OMA time/day: Monday  1:45-2:30

We are an OMA school (Opening Minds Through the Arts Program). Inspired by exciting, ongoing research into connections between brain development and music, Tucson's Opening Minds through the Arts (OMA program) is a leader in a national movement to integrate arts education with core curriculum.

Technology in Our Classroom

We do have access to a class set of laptop computers that we can use at anytime which comes in handy for group computer instruction. 

In our classroom we use a program called “Jumpstart Kindergarten". It tests the children initially and then tailors a program to fits their needs according to the Multiple Intelligence Theory. It uses characters that guide them through the program according to their likes (i.e., sports, games, listening skills, etc.)

We also enjoy using two V tech computers. One is geared towards Kindergarten and the other has a First Grade curriculum.

The students cycle through these computer programs in 20-minute intervals throughout the day. If the computers are not being used and they finish their work early, they can get on a computer and have fun!

I utilize a “Listening Center” with CDs, DVDs, and tapes.

I use the Promethean Board for interactive lessons. I utilize multiple medias such as text, pictures, and graphics, for delivering information.

It gives the students the opportunity to actively participate in lessons.

I use a document camera. Students are able to see what we are doing up close. This allows everyone to participate and follow along.